MSI Wheel Blanks

Fitments for your Motorcycle

We’ve gathered a few charts that may help you select the right size for your bike. We have tried to verify all the fittings, however, always double check with your local expert.

We only have the wheel, pulley and rotor fitments for the Harley-Davidson currently. We will try to add more brands and models as they become available. Just click on the chart you are interested in, and it will open up as an Adobe PDF file. You can print it or save it for quick reference.

Wheel Chart

Pulley/Rotor Chart

Tire Chart

Keep in mind that some wheels have more than one tire size that will fit. It’s all about the low profile or standard profile. Some tires may be omitted simply because we don’t know about them or they have been discontinued.

If you come upon fitments for any brand and would like to share it, please send it to us.

Fitment for Product