MSI Wheel Blanks

Vee Rubber Motorcycle Tires

We offer one brand of tires – Vee Rubber. This brand allows us to supply a wide selection of over 40 sizes, and available in both blackwall and whitewall. We stock the Vee Rubber Classic and Monster Series along with Vee Rubber's Arachnid Tires for the Can-Am Spyder.

We now offer the Fat Tires for the 21x5.5 and the 23x5.5 wheel blanks.

Vee Rubber

Classic Tires: This tire brings a classic look to a modern design. Constructed for heavyweight touring and cruiser motorcycles, it's designed to handle well in wet and dry conditions no matter what the load size.


  • Engineered and constructed for heavyweight motorcycles
  • Designed to fit both O.E. and custom wheels
  • Available in Blackwall or Whitewall

Monster Tires: this line features some of our most widely available inventory and our tallest front tire to date. With an all-weather tread and superior casing, this tire is made to handle a wide variety of terrain.


  • Designed for heavy weight custom cruisers and large touring baggers
  • 360 is widest available rear tire. 34” is tallest front tire available
  • Characteristic tread design permits remarkable all weather performance

Vee Rubber's VTR 350 Tire for the Can-Am Spyders

These tires were specially designed for the Can-Am Spyders to provide excellent traction and great mileage! They are great all weather tires that provide exceptional grip on wet roads and awesome handling when you’re hitting the back roads!


  • Specially designed for wet and dry environment
  • Outstanding strait line performance for acceleration and braking
  • Heavy duty construction for the additional weight and 2-up riding
  • Newly formulated compound for Spyders for exceptional mileage
  • Quality tires very reasonably priced
  • Tread Depth 10/32
  • Radial, Tubeless
  • Also available in new touring construction for RT 1330 Ace models

TPMS Sensor Bracket

The later Harley-Davidson models come with a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) built into the wheels. This TPMS bracket fits the existing valve stem inside custom wheels. It allows a bolt-on installation of the OEM 42300118 / 42300119 TPMS sensor to retain full TPMS functionality. Complete with bracket and required hardware. Note: Does not include the TPMS sensor or valve stem.

Vee Rubber Black Walls Vee Rubber Whitewalls Vee Rubber Spyder TPMS Sensor Bracket