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Motorcycle Rear Pulley Blanks

Why Pulleys? Belts are lighter than chains and help reduce unsprung mass at the rear wheel. Belts are quieter, do not rust, resist environmental pollutants and require no lubrication. In other words, no oil splatter!

Our pulleys start from a solid bar of prime 6061 aluminum. They are thenforged into two different sized forgings to accommodate the small and large pulleys that are used today.

Once they are forged, they are machined into the pulleys. The teeth have the true gear-cut that exceed the RMA standards for a perfect fit. Because the teeth in our rear pulleys are gear-cut properly, you can expect longer belt life and a quieter ride.

Unlike other pulley manufacturers, we only have one single ring on our pulleys. This allows the smooth lip look on the front to match the wheels and hide the single ring in the back. We stock the most popular sizes, but we actually have over sixteen (16) sizes. Being U.S.A. forged and machined, it allows us to do custom sizes too.

We Stock

  • 65 Tooth, 1-1/2"
  • 66 Tooth, 1"
  • 68 Tooth, 1"
  • 70 Tooth, 1-1/8"
  • 70 Tooth, 1-1/8" Victory
  • 70 Tooth, 1-1/2"
  • 72 Tooth, 1"
Pulley Blanks
Pulley Blanks
Pulley Blanks


Did you know that the very first Harley-Davidson that was produced in 1903 featured belt drive? Ten years later, they offered the chain drive. Not until 1980 did you see a new H-D model featuring the belt drive again!

Harley-Davidson Belt Drive